YT28 Pneumatic leg rock drill

Air leg rock drill is an efficient rock drilling machine. It is widely used in rock excavation and various rock drilling operations to drill and blast holes, and is an important machine in rock engineering such as mines, railways, transportation, and water conservancy construction. The air leg rock drill is efficient and energy-saving, suitable for dry or wet drilling of downward and inclined blast holes on medium hard or hard rocks. The drilling diameter is 34-46 millimeters, and the effective drilling depth can reach 5 meters. This machine is equipped with FT160A long gas legs or FT160B short gas legs, and the gas legs can also be removed and installed on a trolley for use; It can drill holes horizontally or obliquely, and can operate in various chambers. The operating mechanism is centralized, the start is flexible, easy to use, and maintenance is simple; Energy saving and high efficiency, long service life of parts, and good reliability.

Technical specifications of YT28 pneumatic leg rock drill
Machine weighttwenty-sixKG
Machine lengthsix hundred and sixty-oneMM
Cylinder diametereightyMM
Piston strokesixtyMM
Working air pressure0.40.5 0.63MPa
Impact frequency≥28≥35≥36HZ
Gas consumption≤ 52≤58 ≤82L/S
Impact energy≥44≥63≥70J
Turning torque≥15≥19≥23N• m
Rotating speed of the drill bit250 ≥ 260 ≥ 300r/m
Drilling speed≥250≥400≥470MM/m
Noise≤ 124≤ 125≤ 127dB
Average linear meter before the first failure≥400M
Depth of drilling without dismantling the machine≥300M
Tracheal inner diameterTwenty-fiveMM
Inner diameter of water pipeThirteenMM
Drill head diameterΦ34-42MM
Specification of brazing tal (hexagonal opposite side x length)Length) 22 x 108 soil 1MM

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